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{VIP} server rules To all who play online at the {VIP} servers. Why do we put up this server?
Well to have fun that's why!!! At {VIP} that's what it has always been
about: HAVING FUN!!!; always has, always will be.

While it may fun having a new nick in the game, offensive player names are not tolerated, offending players will be asked to change their nick once...if they comply with the request great. If not...BANNED.

Additionally, Arrogance has no place on the {VIP} server. We really appreciate great players coming to the server to frag with us. Yes, we do get beat sometimes badly. Most{VIP} mers don't mind being handed their asses, it can only make us better players. What we do mind is having our noses being rubbed in it by jackass comments and poor sportsmanship. These comments are definitely not needed and, really, how hard is it to at least say "gg"?

You will get good comments here, why not reciprocate and give them back. If this is too much to expect then you'll soon be finding yourself
unwelcome to play on the{VIP} servers.

Oh, and one more thing, HAVE FUN .

Acceptable Behavior
Good Sportsmanship - not just acceptable, but required! It is the foundation of a good time on the {VIP} servers.
Courtesy - If you accidentally kill a player while they're typing, send them an apology…a simple 'sorry' will suffice. At the end of a game, regardless of how one fared at the end, type in gg (for Good Game). It's a simple courtesy, and let's everyone know that you're here for fun.

Demonstration of Skills - we all enjoy playing challenging opponents, and any tips, tricks etc. that anyone wishes to share are more than welcome. After all, we're all here to get better! Often on our server you'll see players send comments such as G1 or N1 (Good One, or Nice One) after a particularly good frag…it's a show of respect and acknowledges good game skills. To acknowledge the compliment, say Thanks! (ty, thx, or what ever works for you). While on the topic of skills, whatever anyone thinks, Camping is a part of the game, myself, I just love to kill a camper!
Unacceptable Behavior
Cheating - The use if any cheats is forbidden. It's unfortunate that some people feel the need to resort to using cheats (such as funbot), and more unfortunate that we have to take measures to prevent their use on our servers, but it's necessary. Presently, we are logging all client side hacks, and incidents are being tracked. If a player (or IP) is seen repeatedly running ANY cheat, they will be banned. If we recieve reports of a player cheating on the server, and the log files back up the complaint, we will ban the offending IP immediately.

Offensive nicks (player names, aliases, etc.) - All of us in {VIP} are adults. If any player joins the server using what a {VIP} admins seems offensive, one request to change that name wil be made. If that request isn't honored, we don't want them here...BANNED. They can go display their level of maturity elsewhere.

Language - The server is a social arena, and excessive foul language or racial slurs will not tolerated. Violators will be warned...and if they don't clean up their act, they can go somewhere else...BANNED

Type Killing - The server is a social arena, and "Type Killing" is not approved. If you see a player holding his/her headset and nodding, they are typing on the keyboard, sending a message…Don't kill them, it's a cheap kill. If it happens accidentally, send a "sorry" message. If it happens continuously, you will be ganged up on and/or kicked from the game. If you join again and it happens again, you will be banned.

Spawn Killing - People camping respawn locations and teleporter locations for cheap kills will not be tolerated.

Message spamming - re broadcasting the same message over and over is annoying for all players. Violators will be banned after 3 warnings. Same applies rule applies for text and voice message spamming.

Skin Cheats - These should be pretty much a non-issue with the recent upgrades of the UT Server. However, any players using cheat skins will be warned (once) and kicked from the server. If, upon their return to the server they have not changed their skin, they will be banned.

Inactivity - Sure we all have to take a quick break for the can, or have a smoke, or whatever, but be sure to let people know, and then put your player out of the way and stare into a corner. This will signal others that you're taking a quick break. If you're going to be out of the game for more than a couple minutes, disconnect from the server, especially if there's only one other person on! If you disconnect, at least the other guy can slay some bots. Players that remain inactive from one game into a new one, or for an excessive amount of time, may get kicked, and subsequently forced to reconnect to the server
If anyone encounters any unacceptable behavior while neither server admin is around (server admin's being ]PIKKO{VIP}[ , send an e-mail to either (or all) with the time, player name, and description of the incident. This way we can be watchful, and if the offensive player returns, we can act appropriately.
Overall, we pretty much play by a 3 strikes and you're out rule, but will respond in whichever way we feel most appropriate at the time. Us admins have good days and bad....hehe

  Updated: 29.03.2021